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Alcohol consumption is accepted socially. We celebrate all occasions over the glass of wine. There are published studies which show that moderate consumption is better for our bodies. However, there are not many studies that show can this moderate consumption become a habit that is hard to give up? Also, we lack good studies that provide age wise rightful consumption. I believe, since our children grow up in this environment therefore, they think it is acceptable thing to consume it without knowing what should be the right amount. Since they start young therefore, they become addicted.

Our university campuses are now surrounded by bars and cafes serving alcoholic drinks. In most of the campuses the so called Happy Hour starts from Thursday and lasts till late Sunday. Our youths are getting drunk.

Recently, media has started to focus on this problem and some very good sites have come into existence but the problem is not coming under control. We have decided to use a simple but powerful message to highlight the problem. We believe the message can make a difference.